How to Double Start PrimeOS


PrimeOS is an extensive Android working system operated by the Androidx86 venture. Which indicates you can use all the Android os Applications on your personal laptop computer or computer. Or even perform activities such as PUBG, Fortnite and Sweets Crush! No? Awesome. The variety of individuals using Android os OS on computer techniques is improving. That all began with Remix OS, despite such Android os OS are in accordance with the Android-x86 venture that was available even before. The Android-x86 slots Android os edition in nearly inventory situation, which indicates they don’t have a Windows-like user interface. PrimeOS is a forked edition of Android os depending on Android-x86’s Android os 7 slot. This content will show you to double begin PrimeOS with Ms windows or any other os.

Why PrimeOS?

Since we’ve seen many Android os operating-system for PC in previous times, the fact that creates PrimOS a better Android os OS for computers? There are some functions which are exclusive. However, these are the top functions.

  • Based on Android os 7.1
  • DecaProKey applying.
  • Windows identical user interface.
  • Pinning capability in the taskbar.
  • Multi-tasking, Re-size app.
  • Configured to try out PUBG.

Dual begin PrimeOS.

If you wish to set up PrimeOS on your pc for everyday use, adhere to these guidelines. It’s better to set up an os on your pc rather than short-term startup from USB. There is a way to make PrimeOS determination bootable USB which indicates whenever it will fill from USB while preserving customer details of each period.

Task 1. Get PrimeOS picture data file.

Task 2. Boot it to a USB.

Task 3. Booting and setting up on laptop computer or computer.

Grab PrimeOS picture data file.

Prime OS: You can grab PrimeOS for both 32-bit and 64-bit structure. Unless a laptop computer or computer is several years old, you probably need the 64-bit edition. Go to this XDA-website thread and obtain the os.

You have two options; the “exe Installer” will assume you’re operating Ms windows and upon setting up, choose a customer details dimension and partition where the OS gets set up. This sets up the OS to the partition you’ve chosen along with GRUB 2 bootloader. Warning: this can remove other operating-system from begin details, Since such set up software use Grub2. If you don’t know the significance on the last range, adhere to the next technique.

Download the “ISO” file of the os. You’ll need a system to lose it into a USB. Upon losing the USB serves as bootable press which one can use to begin with an os.

Make Bootable USB system.

Use a system such as Rufus to make bootable USB. Easy run the product, choose the ISO and then just click begin key. Upon finish, you’re prepared to set up PrimeOS on laptop computer or computer.

Dual Boot PrimeOS

Important: Create another partition on difficult disk, or you can set it up on any other partition other than where Ms windows is set up. You can also, choose whether you just want to run PrimeOS from USB short-term (without setting up on disc), setting up on disk and developing determination PrimeOS USB.

Turn-off and press begin system choice key.

Turn off laptop computer or computer, press the ability key, on the begin display (when display display first time) press a key (i.e. F9 in HP) to pick BIOS menu/Boot system choices choice.

Dual Boot PrimeOS

Upon choice, you have few choices, choose Android-x86 Installation using the pointer essential factors.

  1. Choose a partition to set up PrimeOS. Properly choose a partition and do not structure the partition, since it’s not needed. The os uses around 2-3 GB on disk but seems totally able to pick a partition with at least 16GB area.
  2. When required to select “install Grub 2” This will set up Grub 2 bootloader, where both os records can be found. A bootloader is needed to double begin PrimeOS along with the primary os. You get to choose from PrimeOS and Ms windows when you begin your pc.
  3. Give read-write permission on the next step, otherwise, OTG-functionality won’t perform. Optionally available though.
  4. Select area for customer data. If you perform to set up activities such as PUBG make this at-least 5GB.


One factor is apparent, getting referrals here will provide you with better outcome in comparison to try out them in android emulator. The key purpose why is straightforward when you perform activities in Android os emulator, it’ll only take a portion of finish CPU utilization. But when you activity on Android os OS, it removes factors and gives the best encounter.

Play shop is pre-installed in this Operating program, just use a look for engines consideration to sign-in. Start up Play shop kind “PUBG” searching bar set up the activity. Considering you already have the activity on your cellphone, to avoid wasting details, copy-paste activity OBB from your cellphone to /android/obb folder.

Dual Boot PrimeOS, Pubg

Pubg Blackscreen Fix on some devices:

  1. Go to Configurations > PrimeOS Settings
  2. Go to GPUTools
  3. Select PubgMobile from apps record.
  4. Select Pubg Blackscreen fix from the choice.

Limitations: I examined it on HP jealousy laptop computer operated by Apple i7 8th creation CPU, still the activity was usable in Low and Med FPS. You can use GFX system to allow greater design and FPS.

Alternate to PrimeOS.

Since PrimeOS is Android os OS you choose to set up on your pc. It may fulfill your need or maybe not. Below are some other Android os OS for PC you can use.

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