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The variety of PUBG Cellular players is tremendous in comparison to the PC customers. Since there are individuals, who think it is difficult to manage the experience using easy thumbs are using pull and induce for better aim and destroy. But when you have a laptop computer or computer, you can engage in PUBG Cellular using Android os Emulator.

I have been there, individuals growing dislike towards emulator players (who perform mobile activities on an emulator). For example, some players who perform PUBG mobile on emulator, and other YouTuber circulation enjoying mobile on their cellphone, both auduance dislike each other’s players. My individual viewpoint is purchasing top-notch laptop computer or computer just to perform Pubg mobile is foolish (ofcource unless you vapor in YouTube), more perfectly they don’t take a position the opportunity enjoying PC Games. I perform Pubg mobile on an emulator on saturdays and sundays, but I don’t talk about it.

We also perform PUBG, watch our PUBG mobile gameplay.

These are the best Android os Emulator you should set up in your pc to perform PUBG mobile in 60fps. You need excellent hardwares to experience excellent efficiency, at least i5 CPU, movie cards GTX-1060 or above should do the job.

Let’s see what choices you have got.

1. LDplayer

Main features: Auto-key applying, HDR assistance, 60FPS, V-sync.

LDPlayer is the best Android os Emulator for taking part in PUBG mobile. Examined on i5 (Gtx 1060) laptop computer or computer, it was able to run the experience at 60fps, HDR excessive design and 2K quality. This is the best you can get from the experience. Because it is a souveraine Fight activity, you may observe structure falls at certain periods. operates a YouTube route that submissions Android os personalization movie clips as well as game enjoying movie clips, and most of it clip clips are of PUBG action which are documented on LD gamer.
The emulator allows you a personalized essential mapping; For example, operating the experience at 720p quality by standard, you get essential pre-configured applying. There are few choices to select in key applying configurations for 720p and 1080p, and you can toggle the right just click to AIM and CTRL to toggle the computer mouse pointer. The new newest LD Player edition embeds movie clips performance, enabling to history the game play easily and then publish them to YouTube. There is also a scenario where your is not fast; then at the period of the circulation, you get great pings. You will not be able to perform activity and circulation simultaneously. So one more sensible choice is to history your game play and then publish.

Avoice any emulator prevent technique to stop your money from being obstructed. We’ve seen individuals using LDPlayer edition 3.36/3.41 getting two several weeks ban.

Special functions.

  1. W S A D important factors shift the personality in dash technique.
  2. When Seeking ALT a little bit decreases the amount of sensitivity for precise photos.
  3. You don’t need an anti-ghost key-board. In Tencent Gaming friend, moving while operating needs three management buttons (W+Shift+Space) which are not reinforced in some computer keyboard.
  4. V-sync function for making the game-play better.

2. Tencent game enjoying buddy

The formal, Android os edition unidentified.

Without any discussion, this is operate PUBG mobile emulator by tencent. But at the period of examining the experience was cold and legging, I was able to run it in HD and last structure per second, but the experience was losing FPS be more than I have seen on LD gamer. There are a few other factors created me change to LD gamer, so it is extremely designed to perform PUBG mobile on your pc. There are many Android os Emulators online, for example, I have tested NOX gamer, Memu perform, red keep BlueStacks and was getting a bad efficiency so I indicate you to prevent such emulators and use either LDplayer or Tencent game enjoying friend.

To be authentic, I am not a Tencent game enjoying friend fan, maybe because too used to LDPlayer create other emulator ends in my individual viewpoint. I think it is more than that, from stage of sensitivity to key applying everything seems so incorrect in game enjoying friend. Let me crack it to you.

  • When using an effective key-board, when operating (move + shift) the personality doesn’t leap when the area key is pushed, a genuine bummer.
  • I would rather have a devoted key to slowly down scope-in stage of sensitivity somewhat then reducing principles for each opportunity from configurations.


  • Unless you have a key-board with an anti-ghosting function, pushing W (move) + Move (Sprint) + Space = Jump won’t perform.
  • Sensitivity is a bit different.
  • No HDR choices available on i5 8550 / GTX 1060.

Using Android os OS to perform PUBG Cellular on the pc.

Not sensation your activity is doing excellent on the emulator. Why not set up Android os as an os and perform Pubg on it? Then it’ll use your computer’s sources at most. So we have an content with 6 Android os working system you can set up on a laptop computer, but only a few of them are game enjoying helpful. One is Arizona OS which provides key-mapping. On the other side, we have PrimeOS with DecaPro key applying performance enabling to map key-board management buttons. Although, to accomplish greater design configurations there are resources such as GFX.

You can get the utmost efficiency if using a devoted os depending on Android os to perform PUBG Cellular activity. Our suggestions is Phoenix OS – It is enhanced to perform activities such as PUBG Cellular and pre-configured planned important factors.

pubg mobile pc emulator

Try other os depending on Android os.

I have tested all prominent Android os OS available for computer systems and none-of-them worked well best with PUBG Cellular except for Arizona OS. Sure you can use GFX device to fine-tune design and open up 60FPS, but why go through all the effort when Arizona OS does that for you.

Wrapping up

People who experience they can engage in better with computer mouse and key-board should set up an emulator or an Android-based os to perform PUBG mobile. When you perform the experience on the emulator you will see emulator recognized concept which is okay, a lot of players recognizes it as something terrible and tries to spot it by using various techniques – which gradually brings to prohibited consideration, I have cautioned you.

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